US Criminal

US Criminal

Criminal law is the branch of law which affects everyone’s daliy life. This is why it’s popular and well-known. It’s also a very dangerous category, since all lawyers including attorneys and judges have the most grave and dense responsability which is almost like the doctors’ hippocratic oath. In addition, it’s different from other classifications of law on having a strict way of analyzing the crime and the sa nction. It has its own technique which makes this branch more unique. We can also say that it’s the influence of French, due to their passion to the hard line. So we always think that criminal trials are being issued to people that were meant to be criminals. But what if a person who you follow in every aspect of your life is the defendant? Let’s talk about a person that you passionately take as an example: do they have the potential to murder someone? Could they do such a thing? This was what people felt when a retired successful football player, and actor, and a sports spokesman got arrested and charged with the murder of his ex wife and her friend. This case became one of the most popular cases in the U.S. history bacause it was already the 90’s, so technology was being used widely throughout the country. There were many T.V. shows, books and most importantly controversial theories on this case that made the case even more popular. If you trust your instincts and you think you have a potential to harmonize your thoughts and feelings you should apply for this adventurous moot court.

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    People v. O.J. Simpson

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