U.S Criminal Court

U.S Criminal Court

Federal judiciary and division of powers are enshrined in Article III of the United States Constitution. The federal court system has three main levels respectively; District courts (the trial court), Circuit courts which are the first level of appeal, the Supreme Court of United States, the final level of appeal in the federal system. About the criminal cases, their prosecution may not be brought in federal court under the court’s diversity jurisdiction. The federal governments may only bring criminal prosecutions in state courts. For this time State of Louisiana indicts the vicious murder of 17 year old girl, Lisa Bourdain. That night, as David Bourdain the father of the victim is asleep, he missed two calls from his daughter. In the morning, he messages Lisa again for not taking out the garbage. Hours later, he still hasn’t heard from her. That night Jeremy Bourdain, uncle of the victim and defendant of the case, was the last person who has seen Lisa alive. As being known as a quiet and distant individual and having taken out $2.500 from his father’s bank account, Lisa’s missing constitutes numerous questions waiting to be answered. You as the potential participants of US Criminal Court will have a chance to tackle this heinous case of a young girl and try to confirm the charges against the defendant. As being the future counsels, judges and jurists of this Court, it is up to you to figure out the missing of Lisa whether it was manslaughter in the first degree or an agonizing suicide.

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    State of Louisiana v. Jeremy Bourdain

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