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Federal Courts

In the dual legal system of United States, the resolution of Federal Courts Improvement Act of 1982, merged United States Court of Customs and Patent Appeals. Thus, the Federal Circuit Courts basically known to be the appellate courts are authorized to have original jurisdiction over disputes arose from Trademark and Patent Law with the power of subject matter examination. In the global range of trade, trademarks are the tools to make positive feelings appear on the minds’ of people. It is a fact that, a trademark will never expire as long as it is used in United States commerce. Trademarks have a huge importance in business while they are known to be an effective communication tool, pathfinder for customers, and the tool to have business over social media and internet. The imitation of a trademark to make comment on an aspect of the original, is the definition of parody. Parody has its place in ancient, pop culture, literature, art, daily life; in short in every piece of life as an amusement. The case at hand is a fictional dispute, concerning a trademark infringement, dilution and parody between two well-known companies. Murphy’s Pet Toys as a well-known company that uses highly vowel trademarks’ products as parody will be sued by the trademark Chanel with solemn claims that will induce the Federal Circuit Court to have debates over the legal definition of parody, materialization of trademark infringement and dilution.

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    Chanel v. Murphy's Pet Toys

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