• What is Justinianus Moot Courts?

    Justinianus Moot Courts (JMC) is an annual conference, organized by Y-MUN Club for particularly law students, who are interested in domestic and international law or; the ones, who are enthusiastic about the doctrine of law regardless of their field of studies.

  • When and where will Justinianus Moot Courts 2018 be held?

    Justinianus Moot Courts will be held at Yeditepe University, Istanbul, between the dates of 15th and 17th of April 2018.

  • What is the aim of JMC ?

    The aim of JMC is to help students who are studying law or interested in any branch of law to improve their communication or debating skills and train themselves in the practice of law for their future careers.

  • Does JMC have a specific dresscode?

    The dress code for JMC 2018 is formal, including the workshops and the ceremonies. Western business attire would be appropriate for female participants. Suits, ties and jackets would be appropriate for male participants. Wearing casual clothes absolutely is not allowed.

  • Who organizes JMC?

    JMC is organized by the Yeditepe University Model United Nations Club, or simply Y-MUN Club.


  • What is the official language of the conference?

    The official language of JMC is English, except the simulation of Turkish Commercial Court (Asliye Hukuk Mahkemesi). The TCC will be simulated in Turkish.

  • What are the positions of Justinianus Moot Courts 2018 in the Courts ?

    According to the Courts/Committees, positions are as follows:
     President Judge, Registrar, Judges, Prosecutors, and Defense Counsels in the International Criminal Tribunal For Rwanda (ICTR)
     President Judge, Registrar, Judges, Head Juror, Jurors and Attorneys in the United States Trial Court
     President Judge, Judges and Counsels in the Turkish Constitutional Court (TCC)
     Head Arbitrator, Arbitrators and Counsels in the International Court of Arbitration (ICA)
     Chairs, Rapporteur and Delegates in the United Nations Commission on International Trade Law (UNCITRAL)

  • Do I need previous experience to participate?

    No, you may not need previous experience to participate; however, experienced participants are highly welcomed.It should be noted that some of the Courts require a higher level of knowledge and experience due to their academic contents.

  • How can I get prepared for the conference?

    The material that will be prepared by the Secretariat depends on the needs of the Court/Committee. You are suggested to read the Documentss, Case Sheets and Additional Material, Further Readings and Handbooks that will be provided to you through our website to compliment your own research. You will have enough time to study your Court/Committee and your position before the Conference.

  • Is it compulsory to attend all the sessions?

    Participants, who miss more than two sessions, will not be able to get their certificates of participation.

  • Are the participants allowed to use electronic devices at the Conference?

    Yes, but when the Court/Committee is in session, you may use your electronic devices only during Unmoderated Caucuses and in other periods with the permission of your Committee Director. You are not allowed to use them for the purposes other than taking notes of proceedings or final document writing.

  • When will the allocations begin?

    It will be announced via e-mail, and from our social media accounts later.

  • Are there any workshops for participants?

    Yes, there will be workshops for participants in JMC 2018. The subjects and the content of the workshops will be announced later via our website.


  • Who can apply for JMC 2018?

    Justinianus Moot Courts welcomes its participants, who are between 15-23 years of age and more specifically; law students and law enthusiasts from other backgrounds (given that they can show their interest and competence regarding the relevant subject).

  • What is the deadline for applications?

    The deadline for applications will be announced later.

  • What will be provided at the registration?

    TYou need to be registered in order to take the benefits, which are included in the conference fee. Meal tickets, badges, and welcome packs will be provided to the participants during the conference.

  • Does JMC 2018 provide refund?

    Unfortunately, we do not provide refund.

  • Are transfer costs included in the payment?

    No, they are not included. You are advised to consider your transfer costs as an addition to the conference fee.

  • Are the social events included in the conference fee?

    No, they are not. Social events and their fees will be announced before the Conference begins.

  • Is the participation to the social events compulsory?

    No, it is not but is highly recommended since it is a great way to have fun with other participants after a hard-working day!

  • How can I join the social events of the conference?

    Social event tickets will be sold at the Finance Desk, which you can see at the conference venue during the conference.

  • Does JMC provide scholarships?

    Unfortunately, we are not able to provide any kind of scholarships.

  • What if I need a visa for Turkey?

    We can provide a visa letter to you if you need one for formal procedures. Should you need a visa letter, please contact Public Relations Team so that they provide it to you as soon as possible.

  • How can I get an invitation letter for my school/institution?

    It is enough to send an e-mail to Public Relations Team and ask for an invitation letter for your school/institution.

  • Is the transportation from the airport/terminal going to be provided?

    No, unfortunately transportation will not be provided. You may see the Logistics section of our website or contact our Logistics Team for further information on transportation.

  • Does the conference fee cover meals?

    Food will be provided to our participants by the organization during the Conference according to the schedule at Yeditepe University.

  • Does the conference fee provide accommodation?

    Unfortunately, the conference fee does not provide accommodation. However, you need accommodation, you may pay the fee including the accomodation (see Payment Details). For further information, please contact us for details.

  • What will I need to bring to the conference?

    Firstly, your willingness to be part of Justinianus Moot Courts 2018 and secondly, you may need your electronic devices such as laptops and tablets during the sessions. All conference materials will be provided by the Operations Team.

  • When should I arrive?

    Participants are supposed to be present at the conference venue at least 1 hour before the Opening Ceremony.