Letter From The Secretary-General

Most esteemed participants, My name is Naz Mıdoğlu, and it is such an honour for me to welcome you all to the 6th edition of the Justinianus Moot Courts, which will be held in 19-21 April in Yeditepe University, as the Secretary-General. This year JMC is making a comeback with seven extraordinary courts, each concerning different areas of law in different jurisdictions that is suitable for applicants with every level of experience. So higher your expectations and get ready to get lost in the astonishing world of law.
For most of the participants, the conference starts with the Secretary-General banging down the gavel but for the Academic Team and the Organization Team, a conference is so much more than three days full of tension and anxiety. Keeping this in mind, as the Yeditepe Model United Nations Club, the oldest Model United Nations club in the history of Turkey, we tried our best to give you seven courts that each one of them is designed exclusively by the Academic Team of JMC’19, for the participants to have the best simulation possible while experiencing the practice of a specific branch of law. This year we will be hosting 4 foreign courts and 3 Turkish courts for every participant to find the best possible court in compliance with their skills and interest. But before going into details, I would like to thank my Deputy Secretary-General and more importantly my dearest friend Mr. Daniel Can Ebden, for not leaving me alone in this journey and being my right hand. I would also like to thank our splendid Academic Team in the leadership of Director-General Mr. Ömer Cem Sipahi and his Deputy Director-General Ms. Bengi Baydan for taking the quality of JMC to the highest level and making sure everything goes like clockwork.

Our first court, the European Courts of Human Rights, will examine the alleged breach of Saadettin Altınbaş’s, a political party leader’s, rights that are protected under the European Convention of Human Rights including Article 18. In the Dispute Settlement Body of the World Trade Organization, participants will have the chance to attend in a simulation that is happening for the first time in the history of Turkey’s court simulations to work on a dispute over “anti-dumping”. A court that has a special place in my heart, U.S. Criminal Court, will try to solve the mystery of a missing 17-year-old girl and find out what really happened to her. All legal enthusiasts besides law students are welcomed in this court to perform the duties of the jury. While tackling this heinous case, be ready to get surprised on each stage of it. For the arbitration enthusiasts, we have prepared not just one but two courts for the participants who would like to debate in English and the other participants who see the English language as a barrier in front of performing their best. In World Intellectual Property Organization Arbitration and Mediation Centre, arbitrators and councils will try to solve a copyright dispute between Queen and Bowie, and Vanilla Ice regarding most known songs called “Under Pressure” and “Ice Ice Baby”. Our other arbitration centre which the discussions will be held in Turkish is Istanbul Arbitration Centre. In Istanbul Arbitration Centre, participants will examine a dispute over the most important provisions of the Turkish Code of Obligations regarding breach of a sale contract, adulteration and interest for commercial default. Our second Turkish court is perfect for law students who would like to pursue a career in the field of criminal law. To keep up with the Assize Court, “Ağır Ceza Mahkemesi”, participants will have to gain expertise in many counts of crimes including money laundering, prostitution, crimes regarding unlawful organizations, cyber-crimes, crimes regarding protection of personal data and many more. Last but not least, participants have the change to attend to the proceeding of Labour Court, “İş Mahkemesi”, to answer some of the most controversial topics in the legal doctrine like the finding balance between employee’s right to privacy and employer’s right to govern.

A letter is not a “welcome letter”, without the Secretary-General ending the letter with the special phrase of the conference and I am not planning to make a novelty to this unspoken rule. So, as the Secretary-General of the Justinianus Moot Courts, I would like to invite you all to the 6th edition of Justinianus Moot Courts, where justice inspires the future. Sincerely,
Naz Mıdoğlu
Secretary-General of Justinanus Moot Courts 2019


What JMC Consists of

Who Are We?

Justinianus Moot Courts was held for the first time in 2014. This court simulation is one of the conferences that Yeditepe Model United Nations Club organizes annually. With this court simulation, our aim is to train, develop and prepare the participants for future cases . As being one of the biggest court simulation of Turkey, we challenge ourselves to get better every single year.

Development of JMC

Every year, the scope of Justinianus Moot Courts is getting bigger both academically and operationally. Our academics team spend their time to make the committees different than usual, unexpected and tremendous as thay can be. Meanwhile our Operations Team consisting of professionals of their field work as hard as they can to make the conference flawless.

JMC International

Not only with the simulation of Turkish Commercial Court but also those of United States Trial Court, United Nations Commission on International Trade Law, International Chamber of Commerce Arbitration and International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda, we give our participants a wider look about various branches of law.


    about the court

    European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR) is a human rights judicial body located in Strasbourg, France, which is charged with supervising the enforcement of European Convention on Human Rights. The Court has jurisdiction over the complaints filed by States or individuals concerning any violations against European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR) including a variety of civil and political freedoms.

    about the court

    As the days pass by, our world is becoming smaller each day due to the rapid developments. Therefore, words are not enough to stress the importance of trade, amongst these connected countries. The World Trade Organization (WTO) is an intergovernmental organization that regulates international trade.

    about the court

    Ağır Ceza Mahkemesi, ilk derece ceza yargılamasında kanunda öngörülen ağırlaştırılmış müebbet, müebbet ve ceza üst sınırı 10 yıl ve üzeri hapis cezasını gerektiren suçlara bakan mahkemedir. İşlenen herhangi bir suçun ağır ceza mahkemesinin yargılama alanına giren suçlardan olup olmadığı 5235 sayılı Kanun’un 12. maddesinin suç vasfı ve ceza miktarı yönünden getirdiği kıstasları göz önüne alınarak belirlenir.

    about the court

    Günümüzde teknolojinin gelişmesi ve haksız kazanç için ekonomik nedenlerle gıdalarda taklit ve tağşiş oldukça artış göstermiştir. Gıdalarda tağşiş genel olarak, “Ürünlere temel özelliğini veren öğelerin ve besin değerlerinin tamamının veya bir bölümünün mevzuata aykırı olarak çıkarılması veya miktarının değiştirilmesi veya aynı değeri taşımayan başka bir maddenin, o madde yerine aynı maddeymiş gibi katılması; gıda maddesinin mevzuata veya izin verilen özelliklerine aykırı olarak üretilmesi hali; bir şeye yabancı bir şey karıştırarak saflığını bozma; katıştırma” şeklinde tanımlanmaktadır.

    about the court

    Federal judiciary and division of powers are enshrined in Article III of the United States Constitution. The federal court system has three main levels respectively; District courts (the trial court), Circuit courts which are the first level of appeal, the Supreme Court of United States, the final level of appeal in the federal system. About the criminal cases, their prosecution may not be brought in federal court under the court’s diversity jurisdiction. The federal governments may only bring criminal prosecutions in state courts.

    about the court

    International disputes started to appear more in the world of trade and law as a result of the rapid development of world trade. National legal systems remain stable within this rapid development of intense and complex problems, and thus, international disputes are subject to delayed settlements. Hence, arbitral tribunals have become increasingly preferred for the establishment of international commercial disputes due to their rapidness, confidentiality and impartiality of their expert arbitrators.

    about the court

    İş mahkemeleri, 7036 sayılı Kanunun 5.maddesi uyarınca işçiler ile işveren veya işveren vekilleri arasında, iş ilişkisi nedeniyle sözleşmeden veya kanundan doğan her türlü hukuk uyuşmazlıklarına, sosyal güvenlik mevzuatından kaynaklanan uyuşmazlıklara ve diğer kanunlarda iş mahkemelerinin görevli olduğu belirtilen uyuşmazlıklara ilişkin dava ve işlere, basit yargılama usulüne tabi olarak bakan mahkemelerdir.