Letter From The Secretary-General

Esteemed Participants,
My name is Ayşe Dilara Kaçar and it’s a unique privilege to welcome you to the conference, directly focuses on law and fascinating legal problem surrounding it, which became a cornerstone of my life trough the year as the Secretary General of the Justinianus Moot Courts 2017.
First of all, I just want or express that, I was fortunate enough to be supported by great people whom I have been looking up to since I have started participating in Moot Courts, I can not say how much grateful I am for every each one them for their endless encouragements. Also this year it is a privilege to be encompassed by incredibly kind, charming and exquisite group of people, especially as a luminary my Director General Ayşe Görman.
This year Justinianus Moot Courts will entertain 5 different courts, where delegates have a very exceptional opportunity to participate in deliberations in different fields of law, by way of illustration American criminal law, intellectual property law, international arbitration regarding investment disputes, European law, and Turkish administrative law.
As a traditional JMC will entertain not one but two American courts, one will be engaging with the captivating allure of IP law while the other will be simulating one of the most famous criminal dilemmas in the American history. Moreover for the delegates who wish to pursue a career in arbitration, this year JMC will be providing you a rare insight of an international arbitration procedure. Every year the functionality of ICSID grows concurrently with the cases that have been brought in front of this remarkable institution, which solely focuses on investment disputes. Additionally, for an ornamental withal in 2017, we will be simulating a unique court that encounters with disputes under the European law framework and ensures the protection of four fundamental rights of free movement of persons, goods, services and capital. Over and above that, JMC 2017 is delighted to introduce to you Turkish Administrative Court, for many students I have encountered so far the topic of administrative law has been considered as difficult and uneventful, however, the JMC2017 team created an amazing and memorable case that deals with the current administrative and constitutional problems.

It is a great satisfaction to work with amazingly intelligent, hardworking and diligent group of people, which I have the pleasure of referring them as my team who sacrificed their precious time to create sensational and spectacular committees with the aim of indulging every participant’s hunger for the highest quality of legal debates.
With the growing numbers of contributors every year we as the academic and operations team of Justinainus Moot Court cannot wait to see you at Yeditepe University between 7th and 9th of April 2017.

Ayşe Dilara Kaçar
Secretary-General of Justinianus Moot Courts 2017


What JMC Consists of

Who Are We?

Justinianus Moot Courts was held for the first time in 2014. This court simulation is one of the conferences that Yeditepe Model United Nations Club organizes annually. With this court simulation, our aim is to train, develop and prepare the participants for future cases . As being one of the biggest court simulation of Turkey, we challenge ourselves to get better every single year.

Development of JMC

Every year, the scope of Justinianus Moot Courts is getting bigger both academically and operationally. Our academics team spend their time to make the committees different than usual, unexpected and tremendous as thay can be. Meanwhile our Operations Team consisting of professionals of their field work as hard as they can to make the conference flawless.

JMC International

Not only with the simulation of Turkish Commercial Court but also those of United States Trial Court, United Nations Commission on International Trade Law, International Chamber of Commerce Arbitration and International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda, we give our participants a wider look about various branches of law.


  • European Court of Justice
    about the court

    The Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) has a duty to interpret the EU law in order to ensure the uniform application throughout the EU Member States via interpreting EU law or settling legal disputes brought in front of the court by Member States, individuals and EU institutions.

  • Federal Circuit Court
    about the court

    In the dual legal system of United States, the resolution of Federal Courts Improvement Act of 1982, merged United States Court of Customs and Patent Appeals. Thus, the Federal Circuit Courts basically known to be the appellate courts are authorized to have original jurisdiction over disputes arose from Trademark and Patent Law with the power of subject matter examination.

  • The International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes
    about the court

    The International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes, ICSID, has been structured to provide international arbitration services for the disputes regarding the commercial matters focusing on investment between parties. The rules governing its Tribunal was set out in the Convention of Investment Disputes under the supervision of the World Bank in addition to the supporting treaties that provide jurisdiction such as North Atlantic Free Trade Agreement. Thus the arbitrators of ICSID are expected to evaluate the case on hand by considering it from both legal and economic perspectives.

  • Türk İdare Mahkemesi
    about the court

    Türkiye Cumhuriyeti'nde idari yargı mahkemeleri, idari yargının konusunu oluşturan davaları görür. İdare yargının adli yargıdan temel farkı, uyuşmazlığın en az bir tarafının daima yetkisini kamu hukukundan alan devlet organlarından biri olmasıdır. İdare ile kişiler arasındaki idari eylem ve işlemlerden doğan uyuşmazlıklar idari yargı tarafından çözülür.

  • US Criminal
    about the court

    Criminal law is the branch of law which affects everyone’s daliy life. This is why it’s popular and well-known. It’s also a very dangerous category, since all lawyers including attorneys and judges have the most grave and dense responsability which is almost like the doctors’ hippocratic oath. In addition, it’s different from other classifications of law on having a strict way of analyzing the crime and the sa nction. It has its own technique which makes this branch more unique. We can also say that it’s the influence of French, due to their passion to the hard line.